Content By Phone

Content By Phone

With 40% of American’s still without smart phones, making your content available through a simple, direct dial phone number is a great way to reach new customers.

Some of our products include:

  • Dial-A-Story – An innovative and free service that allows callers to listen to many children’s audio book classics. This interactive service allows callers to select a book, change chapters, pause, rewind and fast forward, all with the telephone keypad.


  • White Noise – For those who have trouble sleeping, white noise can provide immediate relief. White noise machines can be expensive, and using a web service can eat into your data plan. Our white noise service allows you to dial in, select a white noise type and allow yourself to fall into a deep relaxing sleep.


  • Radio By Phone – Many radio stations take advantage of our technology to allow fans to listen by dialing into a phone number. This allows local broadcasters to reach a nationwide audience.


  • Unique Content By Phone – Specialized content available through online streaming can now be made available through a dial in phone number. recognized this benefit and is the exclusive provider of dozens of train dispatch streams available by phone. Visit for a full listing of all broadcasts available. You can listen live by calling 712-432-3480