TeleCurve offers the following:

  • Media solutions for radio stations - Our unique technology allows you to broadcast your content to virtually anyone in the world with access to a phone. No smart phone or internet connection needed. Accessing our media solutions means you are no longer limited to listeners within your geographic area, or those with access to a smart phone. Since over 42% of Americans do not own a smart phone, focusing on developing apps leave a large segment of your market untapped. Our technology will bring your media to anyone with a basic cell phone or even a land line phone.
  • Custom phone applications tailored to your specific needs - Services include bulk dialers, automated SMS platforms and data-to-audio applications.
  • Global footprint of phone numbers in over 150 countries - A global economy means relationships with clients all over the world. Having a local phone number in any country where your business has a presence means better access for your clientele.
  • Vanity phone numbers - Taxi companies, Lawyers, political organizations and more have come to depend on our unprecedented access to a library of some of the most in-demand vanity phone numbers available. Phone numbers such as 800-8000, or 345-6789 in your area could mean a huge advantage over the competition.
  • Carrier trunking solutions including SIP, TDM, SS7, DS3’s - Your multi-location business can benefit greatly from greater network access for your voice, data and media applications.  Whether your needs demand more reliable access through DS3 lines, or more complex telephone systems built upon the SS7 protocol, we can tailor a custom solution that works.